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Recognizing Indie Films

Dramas, documentaries, shorts, student films, social justice, human rights, spiritual…these are just a few examples of genres presented at the Metamora Film Festival.  We are an online festival awarding prizes 3x per year:  Spring, Summer and Fall.  Get involved today. Make an impact the world!

We are a unique film festival.  We not only recognize filmmakers in their creative film endeavors, it’s also our mission to impact the world using the power of film.

This is where you come in as a filmmaker.  Do you have a completed film that has an inspiring message?  What about a educational documentary?  Or perhaps you have directed/produced a short comedy narrative with a though-provoking underlining theme?

If you are selected as an award winning film, the festival team will promote your film on our websites, social media channels, press releases and through our partner connections such as iPitch.TV and Portland, Oregon’s Open Signal (coming to the fall, 2017 festival).

Metamora Film Festival

We have an amazing crew of volunteers that offer their time during festival dates.   Click here to learn more about our staff.

Currently the Metamora Film Festival is an online event which definitely has it’s perks and benefits for the filmmaker.  Centered in the beautiful Pacific Northwest we look ahead to 2018 with the plans to be a live film festival either in Vancouver, WA or Portland, OR.

We are excited for this transition and are currently seeking sponsors that are interested in being a part of our unique festival.

Film festivals are the most popular and effective way to promote your new film. With our low cost submission fees, there’s little risk.


  • The best way for an up-and-coming filmmaker to get his/her name out there is to submit a film and gain acceptance into film festivals. Whether the film passes muster or not with the audience, the filmmakers get recognition simply for completing a work and getting it screened. Those with the skill to win over the audience and receive awards reap further benefits.
  • Awards benefit the promotion of the festival as well as the filmmakers. No matter the size of a festival, an award is an award. The filmmakers can add “Award-winning Filmmaker” to their resume and the festival can claim they gave (insert name here) their first award and first big break in the industry. It is a win-win situation.
  • Film festivals provide a lot of information about the movies from different states or nations. The ideas and culture of a place are conveyed easily through films. At times, a movie may also depict the current situation of a nation.
Metamora Film Festival
Metamora Film Festival